Sunday, December 27, 2009

just a few more of my favorite moments

The morning after the hurricane that ripped through our house on Christmas morning, the kids having more fun with RockBand...very glad that Santa though of Lego's RockBand because there were better songs on it for the kids.

Sedona is going to be very upset that Daddy has to go back to work on Monday. She thinks I am here all the time now. That is going to change as soon as I blink my eyes so I am enjoying it while I can.

A couple pictures of our favorite "almost" 10 year old. She loves these boots. I dont think she took them off when she went to bed tonight.

Who is that in the Jeep? Notice the boots are peaking out from the sides of the Jeep...

I knew that was Ashley!

She was very embarrased to have to drive Deacon's Jeep home from the Gledhills. She did not want to be seen.

A father's view

Kim is still updating the blog but I wanted to get some of my favorite pictures in. We have a crazy family but I wouldn't change any of them. We had a great Chrsitmas.

Nolan is having a blast playing the drums and guitar on Lego's RockBand. He is frustrated about not being able to play on "Medium" or "Hard" but for the drums even "Super Easy" is hard for me.

He enjoys his lego sets but when I asked why he hadn't started putting them together he informed me that "(He) was waiting for me because we ALWAYS build them together."

RockBand has been a hit for everybody. Great thinking Santa!! Deacon and Sedona fight over the drum sticks, then hit each other over the head with them.

Deacon commented that "Wow, (Santa) really came." He was really happy about getting Woody and Buz from Toy Story that he had been talking about for the last month.

A couple of very happy kids. Ashley got a pair of boots that she ADORES, she was very happy that they not only had "bling" but that they clicked on the floor when she walks. Girls... I am married to one and still can't figure them out.

Sedona is very happy about her "Baby" that eats, laughs, sleeps and keeps her completely entertained. If we need a minute to ourselves all we ask is "Where is baby?" and off she goes to rescue her

I am going to post a couple more pics her in a minute so stay tuned!

Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets that I made for my 3 oldest this year. I had Joannes Fabric embroider their initials on the back. They are so soft and cuddly!!
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Valley Fever

So here's the story: In early October I got really sick with Strep throat and maybe the swine flu. (we don't know for sure if it was swine flu) I was in bed for three days straight. Will gave me a blessing and some antibiotics. A few days later I remained sick with the fever and achiness, so Will changed my perscription to something stronger. I did get better, so I thought. I was able to do things but at night I was exhausted and still having low grade fevers. I just kept telling Will I didn't feel good. I had no energy to do anything and I would take naps with the kids during the day. Which I never do. So after about a month of this going on everyday, I went into Will's work and gave several containers of blood. I gave blood on a Thursday and on Saturday morning I came down with this rash. The first picture here is Saturday the start of it. Sunday morning I freaked. I had it worse on my chest and it was all over my arms. It itched sooo bad. To the point I was in tears. It was hot to the touch and very, very bumpy and very red. Monday morning came with no results from the blood work. So we waited until Tuesday. They got the preliminary report from the lab and it said I had valley fever. What!! I didn't even know what Valley fever was. The lab wanted to do more tests so we waited until Wednesday. The test was confirmed. So the plan: anti-fungal medicine for 9 months! Yep that's right 9 months. I had to take some medicine for the rash until it got under control. But wait it gets better. About a week after I started taking the anti-fungal medicine my ankles and knee joints started to swell bad. I could barely walk. I couldn't get out of bed(our bed frame is low to the ground). So Will would have to help me. It was terrible and very worrisome. I was swollen for about 1 and 1/2 weeks. I ended up going back to Will's office and get checked out by Dr. McClure. Will was worried! They changed my medicine to a higher dose and gave me pain meds. The pain meds made me sicker than a dog. The only good thing out of it was that I lost weight because I was never hungry. I'm off the pain meds and am doing much better. I have some scaring from the rash but it is slowly fading. So there you go. Here's some nasty pictures of the rash.

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O Christmas tree O McLaws tree

Will's job is to put on the lights. Ashley was his helper this year.

The lights are on and not quite decorated yet. I guess we forgot to get a picture of the finished product. I think we may be getting a fake tree in the next year. The real trees are nice but they die way too fast.
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Sweet Deacon loved Santa this year. Sedona, on the other hand, did not like Wa Wa. She would look from a far.

The kids got to wear their p.j.s for our ward party. The ward party this year was awesome!
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Temple lights with the Gledhill's

We had a good time at the Temple. It was a tad busy as it was a Sunday. I walked out of the house with no jacket as I was making sure everyone else had their jackets. It was not really that cold so I didn't freeze.
Our awesome friends the Gledhill's

Sedona has become quite the daddy's girl. She is so sweet and has started to talk so much. Her new word is Wa Wa translated as Santa.
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