Thursday, June 26, 2008

Everyone on the Anderson side
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I just realized , I never posted one of our new family portraits. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it's something. I am trying to lose my leftover baby weight. Sedona has changed so much.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

If momma ain't happy nobody's happy!

I am feeling quite run down today. We had a few errands to run yesterday and were out in the heat pretty much all day. I took the kids swimming at my mom and dad's house last night and was able to relax. I can't find my battery camera charger and am quite depressed about it. I need it!! I could go buy another one for $40.00 but I am to cheap. Ashley is hounding me to go get her haircut, Deacon and Ethan need naps, and I have no energy to do anything today. It will probably be a Peter Piper Pizza night. We love that place. O.k. I am done complaining.

P.S. TGIF with a sh

Friday, June 13, 2008


It's Friday the 13th. Beware

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Krista!

You are the oldest of all of us girls and are a wonderful example to us. Just a few things I love about you. You are very clean. I was so excited to see your house was messy one Saturday morning. It brought me such joy. But I know it didn't last long. You have an awesome sense of style and you look good wherever you go. You are always on time (just like our dad). My kids love your kids and they are wonderful helpers and cousins. You are always there to help out. {She pretty much put our trampoline together in the backyard}. I hope you have a fun day!! Happy birthday!
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

She loves me, what can I say?

My sweet and amazing mother came over to watch the kids while I had to go to the dentist and while I was gone our precious little Sedona decided to cry almost the entire time. Is that crazy or what? She is 4 months old. Mind you, getting a Root Canal is quite the procedure so I was gone for 2 1/2 hours. {My Mom and Sedona have a special bond as they share the same birthday.} (Secretly, I love that she loves me)wink, wink
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

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We started the summer reading program through the library. Our kids LOVE the library. I think we will sign up at Barnes and Noble because the reward is a new book. Ashley and Nolan look the same heigth but Ash is about two inches taller.
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We got this picture of the temple for our anniversary. It is a John Raymond picture.
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Ashley and Nolan got a hold of the camera again.
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Do you want to buy a water?

We had a garage sale on Saturday @ Jaime's house and made $50.00. We had good stuff to sell just no people. Ashley and Nolan with their cousins Wyatt and Aiden selling water for $0.50. They made $6.00.
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The kids having fun playing with the hose. Deacon wouldn't share the hose.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My sweet little Sedona. I think my friend Brooke did a awesome job taking these pictures.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

FYI-He is very protective
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We loaded the pictures on our computer and this is what we found. Sorry Ashley we had to post these, they are too funny.

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Happy Birthday to my sweet Deacon. The big "2". He was 4 months old in this picture. Looks like Seddy?!
He can do whatever he wants on his birthday. Like wiping chocolate cake on the table. His b-day was on Memorial Day, so we celebrated at the cabin, by going out to lunch and opening his presents. He is such a joy to have around and we are glad he belongs to us.
Yummy cake. He never did take a bite he just played with it. He was cracking us up.
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All of our kids have slept like this when they are babies. She is "adorable".

Ashley has been such a big helper around the house. Thanks Ashley for helping your sweet mother dear. I love you.
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While we were at the cabin in Heber Will took Andrew and his boys and Nolan four-wheeling up at "the cracks". Will has gone four-wheeling many times but this time I was a little nervous since there were a lot of ledges and huge rocks. Nolan was playing around this one ledge and lost his balance and tried to grab this tree limb but the limb broke and he fell down this cliff. Luckily he fell in a pile of soft dirt. (The tree limb that broke is laying on the ground in between those rocks.)Will said it was about 6-7 feet deep. We were extremly blessed that Nolan was not hurt but it scared him to death. Will's brother Andrew saw Nolan fall and he said the fall was in slow motion. We believe that an angel was holding him so that he wouldn't get hurt. Our prayers were answered for their safety that day. Nolan posing after the fall. When Will called me at the cabin. I told him to take a picture. Nolan doesn't look too happy. They ended up having a blast.
Will's sweet ride.
My boys on some ledge. They look alike, don't they?
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Will, Ashley and Nolan at the Snowflake Temple.

Nolan graduating from preschool. He is very excited to finally go to "real school".
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Will's parents, Sonja and Larry. Will is the youngest child of 6.
Will and Seddy. It was windy so we wrapped her head up with her little blankie. Will is lookin good. He shaved, cut his hair, and got contact lenses. We have nicknamed Sedona, Seddy and she is now 31/2 months old. She loves to talk and is starting to laugh. She weighs 13 lbs.
Ashley and Nolan playing in the fort that their cousins built.
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We went up to Will's parents cabin over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was awesome. We went into Pinetop to check out Will's brother's property. There is a creek running through it and the kids had fun looking for crawdad's and jumping across.

Another picture of us on Andrew's property. He owns 10 acres and it is beautiful.
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