Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary, Will ( He cut his hair and shaved since this picture)

Will and I met in a public Speaking Class at MCC. I have no idea why I would of taken this class but I did. We were put into groups and Will was in my group. He came and sat next to me. Will made me laugh all the time. He had a comment for everything the teacher said. Over the next several weeks we started to talk about what we did over the weekend. He asked me if I was going to this Halloween dance and I told him I was and that we could meet up there. The funny thing was is that my friends and I decided not to go a few days earlier. I went straight home and called my friend Steph and said change of plans we are going because Will was going. We went to the dance but I only saw Will for two seconds I was so bummed. Later I found out that he was looking for me but we had already left. A couple of days later he called me and asked me out and then it is history from there. I had to "Dear John" my longtime boyfriend of almost 5 years. That is a story in itself. From meeting each other and getting married total time was 10 months. 4 kids later, a dog, some fish, and lots of memories. All because 2 people fell in love.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

We hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are a man of faith. Being the only male in the family, you were and still are very protective of us, you are a hard worker, loyal and would do anything for anyone. We love you!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

Happy Birthday to my sister Lindsay. I wish she lived in Az so that we can take her out. She is like my twin. We were both 31 for 3 weeks and we are the only ones with red hair in the family. She is a wonderful mom and wife. What I love about Lindsay is that we would drop anything we had going on that day to hang out. Even if our houses were thrashed from the weekend and had laundry coming out our ears. I hope you had a fun day and a wonderful Mother's day! I love you. If I knew how to work this blog thing I would of posted some pictures.