Friday, November 30, 2007

WE MADE IT Aghhhhhhh

After arriving at Newark International Airport we got a good meal. Not everyone's was great. They had to fix Aaron's hamburger three times so that it would stop mooing. At this point we were still under the assumption that we were still leaving at 10:50 PM but we were WAY off. After the rest of the tour arrived we found out that the plane we were planning on taking to Tel Aviv was put in the hanger for repairs and we would have to wait for the plane that was currently leaving Tel Aviv before we could get on our way. First they said 3AM but the final word was 6 AM.

I (Will) had forgotten to take my daily happy pill for 2 days and so I was starting to have some symptoms of anxiety and jitters. So I took a sleeping pill and crashed for 7 hours. The others did not fare so well.

Mom and Dad found a place to sleep. Dad reports that he did not sleep a wink, but Mom said she slept for a few hours. There are no pictures documenting the nocturnal habits of my red headed beauty (Kim), but she said she took a couple of small naps. Her time was mostly occupied by doing word searches.

The plane was tight, full and lasted 9 hours. The good news is that we are now on the ground, in the hotel, showered, and ready for bed.

The Tel Aviv Ben Gurian Airport is THE MOST beautiful airport that I have ever flown into. If it were not for the fact that it was midnight local time I would have got some more pictures. Hopefully on the way back we can take some better shots. Keep your eyes peeled for out next post. I am hoping to do this everynight so tomorrow night, same bat time, same bat channel. Love to all!!!
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Funny Kids

These are THE three best kids in the world.

Ashley is becoming a big girl. She is mostly sweet, fuuny, and a good big sister to her youngest brother. She has a love/hate relationship with Nolan and the two find it difficult to "play nice" or really even play at all. We have been reassured by her friend's parents that her this behavior is what their kids are doing as well.

Nolan is getting used to his glasses. He loves school, has many friends and is a good wrestling budy for Deacon. He loves to play with his LEGOs and really enjoys playing with his dad on the XBox.

Deacon is all cheese. The instant he sees the camera he throws his binky out of his mouth and poses the biggest grin you've ever seen. It's all for the camera. He is still a momma's boy (the result of nursing I am convinced). He loves his Kramer and wants to be wherever the other kids are.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a fun day shopping on "Black Friday". The kids got to spend some moneyat Toys R Us. They worked hard for their money. Their only complaint is that there are not more hours in the day to play.

Kim is still pregnant. I have been very happy that she has not been as sick this pregnancy than previously. She complains of an occasional headache which is still an improvement from her migraines. She is a trooper and a saint. She is my rock that keeps me well anchored.

Next week we are off to Israel. We will keep you posted.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant. I woke up this morning to weird things happening to my body. Every pregnancy I get what they call "seperating of the pelvic bone." The only way I can describe this is that it feels like the baby is scratching my lower stomach. It can be quite painful at times. It has been happening a lot lately as my stomach is finally growing. Will wants to name the baby Sedona but I'm not sure about it yet. I told him I needed to see the baby first. I guess we will wait and see.This is my post for the day. I will try to post something tomorrow with pictures.