Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sedona Joy

One last post of our baby girl. She is now 8 months old and is scooting everywhere. She is soo sweet and smiles all the time. She is 18 pounds and loves baby food and of course mothers milk. Her hair is starting to grow dusty brown(no red) and is so dang cute. We love you Seddy girl!
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Fall is in the air

The weather has been soo perfect. We have been going to the park and riding bikes almost everyday after school. I love that the A/C is turned off and the windows are open. We love being outside and having all the neighbor kids over. Wave to us as you drive by. We have started to go Geocaching again and even put our own cache out along the QC wash. I know we are nerds but we have fun as a family and that is what matters. Anyways it is time for bed so Peace out.
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Chicken Wings anyone?

Will makes the best chicken wings.

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At the cabin

Last picture of our Labor Day trip to the cabin. Will's brother took the trailer with all of our bikes. The kids had soo much fun riding up and down the hills. Ashley and her cousin Louisa.
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The "boys" went Golfing up at the cabin. Nolan got to go with them. Will let Nolan drive the golf cart. (Ooooo.....I'm telling.) We got to watch them play golf since the cabin is on the second green. We tossed them a soda and took their jackets for them.
Nice form there Will!

Nolan having a blast.
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Will made this penny game in High School. The kids love playing it up at the cabin.
Grandma McLaws playing the Wii golf game.
Sh.. Will and Sedona sleeping at the cabin.
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Sedona having fun

We went to the cabin in Heber over Labor Day. Sedona reading the Sunday paper. She had soo much fun, but I had to wash her hands when she was done. They were black.
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More pics of Nolan's b-day

Build your own light sabor

The cake. ok, so I couldn't find a lego cake so we made do with Wall-e. A movie that he thought was l-a-m-e.
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Guess who had a birthday? Nolan! He turned 6 in August. I am so behind it is pathetic. We celebrated at Amazing Jakes. We had a blast. We rode the rides and played goofy golf. Which the kids loved!! Even Deacon had fun goofy golfing.
Their favorite ride!!
Nolan opening one of his presents. He got a build your own light saber. He really enjoyed putting it together. Happy Birthday Nolan boy!
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