Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got tagged by my sister Lindsay...

A-attached or single? attached and love it
B-best friend? Will
C-cake or pie? pie, any kind
D-day of choice? Saturday
E-essential item? debit card and pacifier for Deacon
F-favorite color? blue
G-gummy bears or worms? both
H-hometown? Queen Creek,Az
I-indulgence? coffee ice-cream (sh.. don't tell)
J-January or July? January (the weather) July is too hot
K-kids? 4
L-Life is incomplete family!
M-marriage date? May 29, 1998
N-# of siblings? 4-Krista, Lindsay, Jaime, and Tiffany
O-oranges or apples? oranges
P-phobias or fears? fear of going to bed with the doors unlocked(I'm paranoid)
Q-quote? "Get a load of this"
R-reason to smile? When my house is clean
S-Season of choice? Spring- the reason I live in Az.
T-tag 3 people- nobody
U-unknown fact about me? I stress about money even when I don't need too.
V-very favorite store? Scrapbooks etc.
W-worst habit? I bite my nails
X-x-ray or ultrasound? ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food? tacos
Z-zodiac sign? Taurus

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Recent pics

So we needed some more pictures of Sedona on the site so we took a few quick shots. She really is a cutie and I am so excited that she is part of our family. She has a bit of baby acne but hey, who didn't. I try to get Kim to dress her in other colors but all the clothes that our good friends and family gave are pink so...she stays in pink. Kim and Ashley do not seem to mind all the pink. She is really quite a calm child, very much like Deacon was...only makes a noise when she needs to eat.

Deacon is still dealing with a bit of jealosy. He takes her "binkies", he still tries to get as much Mom time as he can get and when he finds a pen he writes on her head. He is quite taken by her though, he likes to hold her, and is getting used to the idea that she is going to be around for a while. The key now is to give the other three kids a good deal of individual time. Everybody is asking me about Kim. She is still alive, she has doing well and getting sleep where she can. She has not yet decided when to go out with the baby into public but i'm sure it will be soon. This is just a quick post while we try to get the kids to bed. Oh!! if they only made a pill for that...
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just one more

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Taking some pictures

I have been wanting to take a picture of Sedona's feet since she was born becuase they so long and wrinkled. This was my favorite with her on Ashely's lap. My two girls. Thought I would put it out there. My favorite picture of the week.

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