Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bye Bye "B"

We took the "B" (pacifier) away from the babies. The binky fairy came (like the tooth fairy) and took the binkies and left them each a toy. Sedona had a harder time without it than Deacon. She cried for 2 nights and then was fine. Deacon did great and still asks for it. We were worried about him since he was older and had it longer. I do love that I don't need one everytime I leave the house.

Deacon having fun in the water

I think this is a cool picture of Deacon running in the gutter.

1st day of school for Ashley & Nolan

I realize I am way behind and can't catch up so I am going to put a few pictures up anyways. This is their first day of school. It was a new school and they rode the bus for the first time and Nolan went all day long. I think it went well. Nolan in the 1st grade and Ashley in the 4th. Soo cute!!