Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is it a bird, or a plane? No a hot air balloon!

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BFF's plus cousins

I call them the twins. They are too cute! If one of them does something the other one has to do it too.
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I like to look for rainbow's whenever there is rain!

A few days ago it was rainy and cold. I was able to catch this beautiful picture of the rainbow standing in my driveway.
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Some Final pictures of Disneyland

Ashley and Will on Splash Mountain. They were able to have some one on one time at Disneyland for about 4 hours. I was chillin in the hotel room with Nolan, Deacon and Sedona who were all sick with fevers and the chills. They were asleep most of the time. I did get to see the fireworks show. Amazing!!
One of our favorite rides
Pooped out! (10:30 at night riding to the hotel on the art bus)
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebrating Ashley's B-day at Disneyland

Sweet little Sedona with some Mickey Mouse sunglasses on.
So... the day started out not so good. Ashley had a terrible headache and had a fever. We gave her some motrin and put ice on her head and left for the park. Sedona has some kind of rash all over her body. Ashley was doing pretty good for a while but then had the chills and was weak. Then about 2p.m. Nolan said that he felt sick. We checked his temp and he had a fever and wanted to go back to the hotel. This is not normal for either one of them. So we sat and watched the Aladdin show at California Adventure. by the way was awesome. Deacon loved it. When it got over we decided to go back to the hotel for a couple of hours so they could lay down and let the medicine do it's job. We ordered a pizza and made the kids lay down and now they are feeling a lot better. We are getting ready to go back to Disneyland and finish the day off with the fireworks. The park is busy but we haven't had to wait in long lines. A little birthday shout out to Ashley. We are so blessed to have Ashley as our daughter. She is smart, sassy and so sweet to her brothers and sister. She always tries to do what is right. Happy birthday to our sweet little girl. I can't believe she is 9 years old!
Deacon had a blast driving the Autopia cars.
Ashley and Mary Poppins
Deacon loves loves Handy Manny. His face was priceless when we saw him. He went right up to him and called him by name. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our last day at Disneyland

Tommorrow is our last day at Disneyland. Ashley's b-day. Pictures to come on Monday. As we will be at Disneyland all day. Wish us luck!! Love to all

Our third day (today) @ Huntington Beach Pier

Our family on the Pier @ Huntington Beach. I love the beach so much. We have to go to the beach no matter what when we come to Cali.
The kids were tired of walking. It was perfect they all fit on the stroller.
Collecting Seashells by the seashore. I was bummed that I didn't pack the swimsuits. It was 80 degrees. The water was 55 degrees. Lots of seashells to bring home. (Yay me)with a clap

Still the second day

Sedona getting to meet Goofy. She wasn't too scared.

Loving the carousel. Deacon kept waving at us and Sedona was talking and screaming she was so excited.
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Mr. and Mrs. Incredible Deacon and Will

One of our favorite rides. Well let me say, me, Ashley and Nolan's favorite ride.

Will, Ashley and Nolan are on this roller coaster going upside down. My camera caught it at the perfect time.
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Our second day spent at California Adventure

N for Nolan

A for Ashley

The whole family meeting M-i-c-k-e-y Mouse!!

This picture is of the third day. today actually but more will come on the next post.
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Face Painting

This all happened on the first day at Disneyland. The kids really wanted their face painted so we gave in. I think it is so cute. Do you think it was worth the $14.00. (total for both kids)
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What a trooper!!

Sedona has been soo good. She had a fever the first day and was not herself, but after a good night's rest she woke up with no fever and very happy. We took her on the carousel and she talked the whole way through!
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Happy Birthday, Will

Happy Birthday, Will. We celebrated by eating ice-cream down Main street.
Sorry Will I had to post this picture. It is too funny.
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The happiest place on earth!!

Disneyland!! We came to celebrate Will and Ashley's birthday's. Our first day was wonderful. Will's b-day. He wore a Happy birthday badge all day and tons of crew members told him happy birthday! Will received a $70.00 gift card to buy anything in the park. (compliments of Disneyland)
Deacon giving Buzz a high five. I thought he would be scared but he is loving all the characters. He cried all the way through Pirates of the carribbean, the matterhorn, finding nemo and Peter Pan.
Ashley and Nolan looove the Tower of Terror and California Screamin'. We went on those rides like 6 times each. No joke.
Will, Deacon and Sedona meeting Tigger.
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Sedona is trying to walk. She is soo dang cute.
Another picture at a diffirent angle.

Our only child thus far who gets into the cabinets. She loves it. She gets the pots out and then bangs them on the floor then smiles. She can do no wrong! (wink)
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Breaking the wishbone. It was a perfect tie. I hope your wish came true!
Making smores in our firepit out back. Our friends the Gledhill's came over to join the fun. Yumm-o ( our favorite, yet annoying food network Rachel Ray's quote)

Nolan accidently fell into the fire trying to get off a toy and burned his fingers. It was so sad. He kept his fingers in ice water for about 2 hours after it happened. We were blessed that the fire was just hot and didn't have any flames. It could've been worse.
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