Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Top 5 things I am grateful for:

1. My children- They bring me such joy. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them. They say the funniest things and are so curious about many things. When we are in the car driving, all they do is talk and eventhough I would like silence it is the best way to teach them about the world we live in.

2. My husband , Will- I am so blessed that he has an education and a wonderful job that he loves. He provides for our family so that I can stay home with our children. He loves me and the children and is very protective of us. He holds the priesthood and loves the gospel. I love instant messaging with him throughout the day. He makes me laugh and does things that he hates to do just to make me happy.

3. My extended family- I love my sisters, sister-in-laws,brother-in-laws, neices and nephews, grandparents and aunts. They give us so much support and are always there for us. They are the first around when I am sick and when we have our babies. I love hanging out with them and look up to them.

4. My Religion- I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am and know God's plan. I am thankful for the plan of Salvation, the priesthood,the Relief Society, primary and the Young Women's programs. I am thankful for Joseph Smith that he restored the gospel in these latter-days. His courage,strength and obedience. I could go on and on but I'll stop there.

5. Our Country- We are spoiled rotten living in the U.S.A. We can worship how we may, buy what we may, live where we may, do what we may, but with a consequence if it is wrong. It's amazing. For the most part people are good and kind and very generous. God bless the U. S. A.

Have a great Turkey Day. (For Lindsay and Steve plus kids and Clark and Liesel and baby girl. We love you and pray for you daily and can't wait to see you at Christmas.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More pictures

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He is so cute. He is talking in sentences now. He is always happy and loves his two best friends. "E" and "Kesy"
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Woohoo I'm blogging

I know how pathetic I am for not posting for so long. I just don't want to. Plain and simple. It is such a pain for me to download the pictures because I am not a computer person. Plus it takes too much time. When Deacon and Sedona are sleeping I would rather be tidying things up or looking at other people's blogs. Hey, I'll admit it. Anyway's I am so far behind that I will make a list of what has been going on and add a few pictures here and there.

1. Our cousin Daniel spent the night and we went to the park.
2. Ashley spent the night at her cousins and went to see HSM3.
3. Sedona Joy is crawling.
4. Ashley lost another tooth and got $5.00 and some body wash.
5. Nolan stayed home from school for two days with the stomach ache.
6. Halloween. Ash-adorable witch,Nolan-Anakin(sp?), Deacon-Lion, Will- Operation guy
(I don't dress up) Sedona was her cute self.
7. Cleaned the garage
8. Will put up some new blinds and some curtains.
9. Discovered new girl store to shop at. Justice
10. Sedona has new top tooth
11. Kim with a sore throat for two weeks.
12. Went cold turkey and stopped breastfeeding Sedona. (not as bad as I thought)
13. Got my haircut and highlighted.
14. Did most of our Christmas shopping.
15. Sedona standing up against the couch and other objects.
16. Switched out dead battery in the Durango. (Will actually did it)
17. Organized our playroom
18. Sedona claps and waves.
19. Had to wear a jacket at night. rare in AZ.
20. chased Kramer around the block ( a few times)
21. Deacon not wanting to say sorry when he is being mean
22. Started the kids in Karate.
23. Cleaned
24. Did laundry
25. bought some fabric to make some pillows
26. Went on bike rides with the kids
27. looked at cjanerun blog everyday
28. wondering if Deacon will ever go to Nursery w/0 me
29. finding out I will be an Aunt again
30. Taught the Young Women lesson(every Sunday)
31. Ashley went on a field trip to the Goldfield Ghost town.
32. Downloaded 40gb of pictures to our new harddrive
33. Deacon still sucking on his "B,B" (pacifier)
34. McLaws boys got haircuts
35. Went to see Jungle Book at the Queen Creek performing arts center. (Our good friends kids were in it)
36. Nolan got 100% on two phonograms test!
37. Ashley scored a 100% on her spelling test!
38. went grocery shopping.
39. Ashley went to Activity Days
40. Purchased a WII fit and found out that Yoga is harder than it looks.
41. Cleaned out the Durango (at least once a week)

So there it is just a glimpse of what we have been doing. I wish I knew how to do a slideshow with the pictures but I am retarted.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sedona Joy

One last post of our baby girl. She is now 8 months old and is scooting everywhere. She is soo sweet and smiles all the time. She is 18 pounds and loves baby food and of course mothers milk. Her hair is starting to grow dusty brown(no red) and is so dang cute. We love you Seddy girl!
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Fall is in the air

The weather has been soo perfect. We have been going to the park and riding bikes almost everyday after school. I love that the A/C is turned off and the windows are open. We love being outside and having all the neighbor kids over. Wave to us as you drive by. We have started to go Geocaching again and even put our own cache out along the QC wash. I know we are nerds but we have fun as a family and that is what matters. Anyways it is time for bed so Peace out.
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Chicken Wings anyone?

Will makes the best chicken wings.

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At the cabin

Last picture of our Labor Day trip to the cabin. Will's brother took the trailer with all of our bikes. The kids had soo much fun riding up and down the hills. Ashley and her cousin Louisa.
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The "boys" went Golfing up at the cabin. Nolan got to go with them. Will let Nolan drive the golf cart. (Ooooo.....I'm telling.) We got to watch them play golf since the cabin is on the second green. We tossed them a soda and took their jackets for them.
Nice form there Will!

Nolan having a blast.
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Will made this penny game in High School. The kids love playing it up at the cabin.
Grandma McLaws playing the Wii golf game.
Sh.. Will and Sedona sleeping at the cabin.
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Sedona having fun

We went to the cabin in Heber over Labor Day. Sedona reading the Sunday paper. She had soo much fun, but I had to wash her hands when she was done. They were black.
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More pics of Nolan's b-day

Build your own light sabor

The cake. ok, so I couldn't find a lego cake so we made do with Wall-e. A movie that he thought was l-a-m-e.
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Guess who had a birthday? Nolan! He turned 6 in August. I am so behind it is pathetic. We celebrated at Amazing Jakes. We had a blast. We rode the rides and played goofy golf. Which the kids loved!! Even Deacon had fun goofy golfing.
Their favorite ride!!
Nolan opening one of his presents. He got a build your own light saber. He really enjoyed putting it together. Happy Birthday Nolan boy!
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little sister Jaime! (I have 4 sisters) She is the big 29 today. I hope you have a fun night!!
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Happy Late Birthday!

Tiffany my youngest sister turned the big 28! We enjoyed a lunch at Texas Roadhouse and ate way too many rolls. I hope you had a fun Day!! Love ya sis
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some random pictures

Sedona and Will. No red hair it's coming in very blond as you can tell in this picture.
Nolan drew this picture of himself for homework.
Nolan's new glasses. I think he took this picture of himself.
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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

She has been rolling all over the floor for a few weeks now. She had her 6 month check-up and weighs 16.2 lbs and is 27 inches long. She is in the 57th percentile for her weight and height. Deacon also had his 2 year checkup and weighs 26 lbs. He is in the 20th percentile for height and weight.

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