Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No more diapers for the McLaws'

Our sweet baby girl has decided she no longer wants to wear diapers!
She pretty much potty trained herself. She has had only a few accidents and has done so well. So if you need to know where a bathroom is at in any given place-give me a call, I know where they all are! Great job Sedi!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Heber Part 2

Chillin' on the hammock playing with Will's old Iphone.
Ashley looking cute sitting next to her Aunt Amanda!
All of us at the Taylor Rodeo. This is the 2nd year in a row that we have been to it and we love it. Yeehaw baby!
Resting while everyone else tried to find Indian pottery on some land near the cabin.
We couldn't find Sedona and this is where we found her outside playing with the Iphone! (legs crossed, very comfy)

Fourth of July up in Heber part 1

Crawdads that we cooked up! (nasty)
Fishing up in Hawley Lake. We didn't catch any fish! The kids were bummed. but we had a blast catching crawdads!
Riding our bikes up and down the hill. They crashed at the bottom of the hill! J/K They wanted you to think that.

Splish splash I was having a blast!

We have had some fun times swimming in Will's brother's pool out in Mesa! It is so nice to have kids wear floaties so you can have some fun too. We can't go swimming without goggles. And what would summer be without swimmers ear. Thank goodness for Will who can perscribe something quickly to get them cleared up.