Sunday, May 8, 2011

Father and Sons outing!

Will took the boys out for the night instead of going to the father/sons campout. Will didn't want to go as it was my b-day the next day. They went to Red Robin for dinner, then headed to Dick's sporting goods and ended up getting Nolan a Under armor outfit. He said he always wanted an under armor shirt. Then headed to the movies to see Rio in 3D. When they got home we all ended up sleeping on the trampoline! They had so much fun and loved being with Dad all night. Deacon ended up with flip flops and a shirt the next day from Kohl's since he didn't get anything at Dick's the night before. Deacon loved those 3d glasses!!

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Gray Family said...

Man, when you post you do some serious catching up. Great to see your year for break I am calling you to organize my itinerary!